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Healthywage Challenge Day 67

Healthywage Challenge Day 67

Hello Everyone,

     Or should I say echo, echo, echo as I don’t have a big following here?  But I hope that I grow on you all.  It is Day 67, I am down nearly 30 lbs since I decided to try the Healthywage Challenge.  I feel Great.

     Today I put on a shirt I haven’t been able to put on for 2 years, It’s my Concert T-shirt from the Smashing Pumpkins  I went to go see a couple of years back.  Feels great to either have your cloths taken in size-wise or be able to fit into something again.

     I have been cooking and crafting on projects so much lately I have to update a bunch of recipes please be patient it’s all coming,  I wish to share all of my delicious recipes that are creating my success with you all.

I’d like to share my success with more people.  I have three new-in-box Digital Kitchen Scales that I will be raffling off on June 15th.  If you would like a chance to win.  Share this post with friends and send me a screenshot showing you shared my site.

I will announce winners with a live drawing. Let’s have some fun.

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